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TechByte offers Programmatic Advertising Platform with innovative and truly customized approach to online advertising campaigns. We are focused on getting industry top media buyers in touch with publishers all around the world. We offer the most advanced technologies, excellent performance, global covering, the lowest commission and 24/7 support.

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Target your users by Keywords, Countries, Devices, Browsers, Operating Systems, Categories, IP Range, Language, Text (contextual), Mobile Carrier, Site, Frequency Capping and Day-parting.


Ad Formats

The platform provides you with the best ad formats for online advertising and generates more revenue out of your campaigns. We offer several high-impact ad units to work better for your web advertisements.


Pre-roll in-stream video

Now it is possible to target users with high CTR (click through rate) video advertising which is compatible with all major video players. The Ad is played automatically before the streamed video and it is also clickable with customizable calls to action. CPV and CPC pricing models for this AD generate high revenue.



Target users who have already shown some interest for your product. According to several important researches only 2% of potential buyers will actually complete their purchase on the first visit. Retargeting brings the remaining 98% back.


Access your personal account from Android and iOS

Just log in with your username and password and select either the Advertiser or Publisher options.



Neverblock bypasses ad blocks ensuring that your ad spots still get impressions even if user has ad blocking software.



Our clients can use programmatic and buy traffic via our SSP (self-served platform). It gives direct access to multiple sources of high quality assets including marketing research, media planning, activating CRM data, conversion tracking, optimizing strategy by various KPIs and targeting features, and also deep data analyzing.


100% Fill Rate!

Earn 100% Revenue from Your Web Traffic and Mobile Traffic across all devices and platforms with highest eCPM rates with Real Time Statistics.


Unique Service

24/7/365 Customer Services, Quick Campaign Approval, Minimum deposit $100, Real Time Statistics, Anti Fraud System.


Fast Payouts

Get paid weekly with no delays. Payments via PayPal, ePayments & Bank Transfer.


Dedicated Account Manager

With Dedicated Account Manager You can Easily Create campaigns, modify, set a budget, bid, pause them at any time.



We use programmatic because it lets us be flexible in our campaign management, use trillions of data points for targeting and reporting, as well as heighten performance and access the wide range of inventory. All of these features reduce costs, increase efficiency and improve campaign performance. Moreover, programmatic increases ad revenue through a bidding system where the highest paying buyer’s ad is chosen for each space.


We are aiming to give advertisers and publishers freedom to monetize. How can we succeed?
We’re building the most powerful ad delivery tools in digital marketplace. We create new revenue streams and boost existing ones. We eager to balance industry-leading viewability and engagement metrics in order to maximize ROI.


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